The Cruise Ship Wave Network is a Cruise Industry Service Information Network – The Cruise Ship Wave Network is a collection of web sites and services dedicated to supporting the cruise industry.

Individually each site we own was created to support or completely dominate, unique section of the cruise industry. Connected together, our network cruise industry sites enable us to provide a range of services to our visitors inside our network of sites. As we continue to improve the user experience we are rewarded with increased page views that support other sites in the network and advertisers who directly target us.

The Cruise Tracker Network – The Live Cruise Ship Tracker was our first, it is a world view of cruses ships. The world view is then represented in smaller geographical zones and a River Cruise Ship Tracker, Zones in response to ports, visitor traffic and weather monitoring.


Cruise Ship Cameras & Webcams on Cruise Ships Network

Cruise Bruise and Cruise Awareness – The original Cruise Bruise site started a cruise awareness movement on the web. It was broken into separate sites and recently rebuilt into what we call the new group of websites the cruise awareness network or awareness network for simplicity. The complete listing of Cruise Awareness Websites and features.


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